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Veena Arunyakasem 's profile

Veena Arunyakasem
Managing Director, One Click (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Product:              Retailing and Business Development Consultant
Accomplishments:     - Consulting for BTS Group
- Consulting and Lecturer for Community Development Dept.,
Ministry of Interior on OTOP – Business Leader Development
- Consulting for TG Phone – the largest Mobile Phone Retailer
- Consulting for Big Camera – the largest DSLR / Compact Camera
- Consulting for DNA – the largest Distributor of Movie and Music
DVD/CD Retailer
Work Experiences
Feb. 04 – Apr.11 Ekachai Distribution System Co., Ltd.Tesco Lotus
Position: Mall & Media Management Director
Products: Mall and Media Space
Report to: Exc. Vice President
Responsibility: Full function of managing Mall’s rental spaces
And Media space for advertising
Accomplishments: - Grow Mall Space Income from 1.4 Billion baht in 2004
to 6.7 Billions baht in 2011
- Re-organized Tenant Mix Strategy to gain more variety of shops
in order to attract more Shoppers into Tesco’s Malls
- New design and concept of Tesco Plus Malls
Mar. 03 – Feb. 04        Intl’ Director Development Program in Tesco Plc. U.K.
Oct. 00 – Feb. 03 Sr. Vice President – Marketing
Accomplishments: - Set up Television Marketing campaign
- Set up Event Promotions to all Tesco branches
- Initiated and launched Tesco’s famous “ROLL BACK”
Campaign which still exist until today.  
Nov.99 – Sep.00: Herbalife (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Position: General Manager
Product: Nutrition Food Supplement (Direct Sales/MLM)
Report to: Regional Vice President
Responsibilities: Full function of managing the company
Accomplishments: - Restructured company organization
- Cost reduction in operation by 30%
- Improved Service Satisfaction, which leads to higher sales  
July 96 – Oct.99           Actmedia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Position: Managing Director
Product: In-store Media in Supermarket
Report to: Board of Directors and Regional M.D. of Asia
Responsibilities: Full function of managing the company
Managing 4 departments namely, Finance & Accounting, Sales &
Marketing, Retailer Relationship, and Operation.  Total staffs 30 pax.
Accomplishments: -Increased sales from 10 millions to 100 millions in 8 months.
-Re-organized the organization structure and working process to
increase efficiency, be more systematic and better internal
communication among the staff.
-Accomplished a new personal policy.
-Cost reduction in operation from 11% to 2% and double profit
expectation to 35 millions in 1997.
-Received “Fastest Sales Booking Award - 1996” in Bali’s Actmedia
International Conference and “Highest Sales Achievement in Asia
 Award  – 1997” in Chicago’s Actmedia’s M.D. Meeting.
-Being recognized Worldwide as the fastest sales growth country.
Jun 94 – Jun 96       Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Position:                       Marketing Manager – Flavor
Product: Mirinda, 7-up, Mt. Dew, Volvic, and Club soda
Report to: the President of Asia division
Responsibilities: -Regional marketing for Indochina, SEA
-To accomplish a marketing and promotion plans
-To establish regional marketing featuring standardized marketing,
advertising campaign and promotion activities to be in line with HQ
guideline and strategies.
-To monitor the execution and implementation of each country in a way
that support brand building.
-To facilitate better marketing cooperation and information.
Accomplishments: -Winning Pepsi “Oscar Award” in 1996 for best overall Mirinda
Marketing Campaign Worldwide.
-Increased 23% sales volume and gained 6% market share.
-Increased Brand Awareness from 4% to 32%.
Oct 90 – May 94 Diethelm & Co., Ltd. – Food Products Division
3rd Position: Sr. Product Manager (Jan 93 – May 94)
Report to: The Division Manager
Supervises:           Sr. Product Mgr.(1)      Asst. Sales Mgr.(1)      Sr. Product Supervisor (1)
Sales Forces (6)   Sales Admin.(1)   Secretary (1)   Bill Collector (1)
Responsibilities: -Product management for Heinz and baby food products for
Retail Channel.
-Sales and Product management for Food Service Channel. Food Services Channel
-To initiate and accomplish marketing and sales plans for Catering
department which is assigned to distribute all food products of Food
Products Division to food service segments.  All brands in charge are:
-Heinz              -Equal              -Lee Kum Kee             -Celora
-Nutella            -Hero Jam        -Coffee Top                 -Twining Tea
-To manage and coach an Asst. Sales Mgr. To work effectively and
efficient in supervising her Sales forces to enhance their sales
performance according to given sales plan.
-To supervise a Sr. Product Supervisor on product management
functions and elevate her marketing implementation skill.
Accomplishments: -Strengthened sales force team, reduced turnover and restructured staff
role & responsibilities.
-Improved stock control and delivery processes
-Achieved 141% sales over target within 9 months
-Successfully expanded market to upcountry and dominated all first
class hotels.
2nd Position:                  Product Manager (Jan 92 – Dec 92)
1st Position:                   Asst. Product Manager (Oct 90 – Dec 91)
Responsibilities:            -To monitor the implementation of all related marketing activities,
Advertisement, research and product development, etc.
-To supervise a Sr. Product Mgr. who was assigned to handle “Heinz”
brand and monitor product management functions.
To coordinate mutual operation between principles (factory or Head
Office) and Diethelm.
Accomplishments:         -Increased market share of Heinz Products (sauces) from 4% to 16%.
-Triple sales volume of Heinz Baby food.
-Increase brand awareness to be second top of mind after market leader
Mar 90 – Sep 90          Nestle Products (Thailand) Inc.
Position:                       Asst. Product Group Manager
Product:                                “MAGGI”
Report to:  An Executive Product Manager
Responsibilities: -To operate on product management function for Maggi seasoning
Cubes and powder.
-To initiate and implement marketing activities.
Part time job (while studying in Australia)
Mar 88 – Nov 89    Kambrook Distributing Pty., Ltd.   -   Clayton 3186, Victoria
Position:           Assemble Supervisor
Jun 87 – Dec 87         Rheem (Australia) Pty., Ltd.  -  Melbourne
Position:           Assembly Line Worker
Work after Bachelor Degree
Feb 86 – Nov 88 L & L Intertrade Co., Ltd.  -  Bangkok
Position: Asst. to General Manager
Responsibilities: -To research for potential products for exploration
-To recruit personnel
-To handle confidential correspondences
Jun 85 – Jan 86 Thai Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Position: Asst. to Managing Director
Responsibilities: -General management as assigned by M.D.
-To attend weekly sales meeting and follow up
the progress of given assignment assigned by
M.D. to any participants
-To handle and write up confidential reports and
all correspondences
1987  -  1989        Master of Business Administration   -  Marketing Major
Monash University   -   Melbourne, Australia
The best MBA university in Australia
Being the first Thai student who graduated MBA from Monash
Feb 85 – Jun 85 YMCA Secretarial Course (6 mos. Intensive), Bangkok
1981  -  1984 Bachelor of Political Sciences  -  International Affairs Major
Thammasat University, Bangkok.  Graduated with 2nd Highest Honor
April 1983 Study tour program to Taiwan Republic of China (5 weeks) for
Thai-Chinese Youth, arranged by the Oversea Chinese Association,
sponsored by the Government of Taiwan Republic of China
October 1982      “Cultural exchange Program” sponsored by Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan.
Aug 82 – Sep 82 Appointed as a student representative to participate in “International
Student Association of Japan 31st Seminar”, organized and sponsored
by Japanese Government, Tokyo, Japan.
Oct 1997  “Cash Management” organized by Executive Seminar Ltd
Bangkok, Thailand
Sep 1997  “Sales Mgmt in Modern Trade” organized by Asia Business Forum
Bangkok, Thailand
Aug 1997 “Media Planning” organized by Asia Business Forum
Bangkok, Thailand
Mar 1997 “Thailand Retail Industry” organized by Executive Seminar Ltd.
Bangkok, Thailand
Nov 1996  “Human Resource Strategies” organized by Executive Seminar Ltd.
Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 95 – Jun 96           “THE BOSS” organized by Management and Psychology Institute
Bangkok, Thailand
Sep 1995                     “PCI – Total System Management” organized by Pepsi-Cola
Bangkok, Thailand
Feb 1995                     “PCI – System Orientation”
Sommer, New York, U.S.A.
Sep 1994                     “Management Excellence”
Caveway Bay, Hong Kong
Jan 1994                      “Diner Talk with Philip Kolter” organized by Thai Marketing Association
Bangkok, Thailand
Aug 1993                     “Strategies for Penetrating Provincial Market” organized by Thai Marketing Association,
Bangkok, Thailand
Feb 1992                     “Launching New Product” organized by Thai Management Association
Bangkok, Thailand
Aug 90 – Oct 90          “Super Brand Manager” organized by Thai Marketing Association
Bangkok, Thailand
Jul 1990                       “Basic Marketing” arranging by Nestle Products (Thailand) Inc.
Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 85 – May 85         “Student Internship Program” organized and sponsored by
Bangkok Bank Co., Ltd. – Bangkok, Thailand
Languages                    Thai      Vocational - speaking, writing
English  Vocational – speaking, writing
Computer                     Conversant in PC
Typing                   Fair
Presentation Very good
Hobbies                      Being guest speaker in Marketing, Management, Media, Promotion
At Thailand Marketing Association, Asia Forum, Executive Seminar.
Travelling, Reading, Photo Taking, Dancing
Sports                          Swimming, Badminton, Skiing, Golf
Europe England, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, France, Hungary, Austria, Finland, Turkey
Asia Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippine, Burma, India, Indonesia, China
America Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas
Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Miami, Florida, Barbados
Down Under Australia, New Zealand
Middle East Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan
REFERENCES    Mr. Ming Der Gven
President of Heinz Win Chance



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